The Challenge

Our world is going through significant transformations. How do we make people comfortable with the change ahead?                  


The Forum

In spring 2017, we are launching a forum to start discussions with thought leaders about bringing this to life.                                                                  


The Book

In late 2017, we are publishing a book outlining an approach to feedback thinking from our discussions over the next several months.


What is the Feedback Thinking Project?

The Feedback Thinking Project is a framework to help prepare our generation for the transformations ahead of us. From mass automation to fiscal policies to social interactions, we will explore what the next 20 years will look like, how it will affect us, and how we can alleviate some of the fears associated with large scale change. This project will manifest itself in several ways over the coming months including a book, a forum, and other ideas that we will pursue together!

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What is the Feedback Thinking Project?

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